Philips Hue ambilight with Vero 4k+?

There is currently a couple of very good deals for Philips Hue light strips on Amazon UK for Black Friday,
the one thing missing from my setup at the moment is ambilight, is anyone successfully running the Hue addon with a Vero 4k/+?
I have read many conflicting reports on whether it works or not and don’t want to buy something that wont work (I already have a bridge and other Hue lights so can just add the strips into my current setup).
So the question is will this work with my Vero or should I keep the money in my wallet?

One thing to consider is that, afaik, the Philips Lightstrip acts as a single LED light - ie every led within it is the same colour/state.
If that is correct then, while you will get colours changing with the scene, they will not reflect localised differences across the screen.
I expect that you could put multiple Philips strips (or lamps) in place to have a more nuanced display.
As for working with Vero 4K+ … see the other threads here about that (I don’t have a Vero).

Thanks for the replies but I decided to be sensible and resist the Black Friday deals,
I think I’ll still be exploring the ambilight issue in the near future though :slight_smile:

@Buckeye Did you get the hue and integrate it with the Vero?

No I never did.
Someone else did some extensive research with various addons but could not get anything working without turning off hardware acceleration

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