Phone Video Orientation

Sorry if this has an answer elsewhere - There’s a few topics I’ve found related to this but none with an answer my simple mind understands as to whether it’s fixable.

I have a load of ‘home videos’ taken on phones - some of which portrait or wrong orientation. Kodi used to sort this out (i guess it recognised the ‘tag’ from the phone somewhere) and they’d play the correct orientation but at some point (assume with an update) this stopped working. Portrait videos play flipped and squashed and rotating within Kodi doesn’t fix it. Landscape videos, if taken on the phone upside down, will play upside down. For what it’s worth the thumbnail extracted from the video displays correctly so it must know the orientation somewhere!

Is there a way to resolve this or did something change with the way it handles ‘incorrectly’ filmed videos from phones that is now unfixable?


I don’t know about RPi. We fixed this on Vero a while back but got a regression with the latest kernel which we’re working to fix. You could ask in the Kodi forum.