Pi 2 Automatically Starts Kodi after Entering Log-in at Command Line


Hoping someone can help me. When I access the Command Line on my Raspberry Pi 2, I am prompted for my log-in. Once I type it and press enter, Kodi automatically starts. I’m using the Release Candidate. Previously, with OSMC Alpha 4 and Raspbmc, I would remain in the Command Line and be able to enter other Linux commands.

Just wondering if anyone can tell me if I’m doing something wrong. I’m exiting Kodi with the Quit command and pressing ESC at the OSMC splash screen to get to the command line.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Make sure you don’t wait too long between pressing ESC and logging in - there is a 30 second timeout.


That’s not the problem. I’m hitting ESC and logging in within the 30 second timeout.

Actually, between this problem and other issues I’m having with the Release Candidate (for example, for the first time I keep getting what I call “the blue screen of death”. My system just crashes and I get a blue screen with a small sad face icon; videos just stop streaming, etc. ) that I never had with Alpha 4 or rspbmc, I decided to go back to OSMC Alpha 4. It seems more stable for my purposes. I’m a big fan of OSMC and will wait to update until the final release is available.

Again, thank you so much for all your help. You’re obviously very experienced and knowledgeable and it’s great that you are reaching out to help those of us who are neither :smile:


Hi Karen,

The problem is if we can’t reproduce a problem we can’t fix it. As far as I’m aware only one other person has reported a similar problem to you, and none of the OSMC devs can reproduce the problem. This means it wont get fixed unless someone can help us reproduce the problem.

As the person who wrote the console login script I also can’t think of any possible explanation for what you’re seeing - especially when the script has not changed between Alpha 4 and RC.

So are you saying that when you exit Kodi you see the splash screen, then you press ESC and see a login prompt, then you are successfully logging in using osmc and osmc as the username and password ?

After you log in how log is it until Kodi appears again ?