Pi 2 doesn't start when plugged in to HDMI

Hi there,

I just installed OSMC and wanted to try it out, but my Pi 2 doesn’t start at all, when plugged in to HDMI. This occurs with my Raspbian SD Card as well, but I thought I’d ask here first.

So when I plug my HDMI in and then plug in my power cord (should be 5V2A, at least it says so on the power supply, tried it with a different one too), the green LED only blinks once and stops then, only the red LED is blinking afterwards (network LEDs also don’t blink).
If I unplug the HDMI or power off the AV Receiver, the Pi boots normal with everything blinking and stuff in Raspbian, but on OSMC it won’t show up in my router, so I can’t try SSH here (and it probably means it doesn’t boot) :frowning:

Anyone knows what I could do?

Already tried:

  • different PS
  • different HDMI Cable
  • different power cord

Edit: I just booted in Raspbian and put hdmi_force_hotplug=1 in the /boot/config.txt to try starting the pi without the TV plugged in, that worked and I get an HDMI output on the TV

So how about adding that on your OSMC install?
Also no display at all (even no coloured square) is more than odd

Since there is no way I can access the OSMC, how should I do this? I can’t access it through SSH and with a display plugged in it won’t start

The boot partition which contains config.txt can be edited on the computer you installed OSMC with the installer on. It’s just a plain FAT partition

Thank you fzinken, this worked and I get an output, will wait to see what happens now and if it works :slight_smile:

It now boots into an an endless loop of “Starting D-Bus System Message Bus” and then a horrendous amounts of fails. :confused:

Edit: reformatting the SD card workd and OSMC is now installing files, let’s see where this goes! :slight_smile:

Edit2: There was a short time were an install error was shown on screen, afterwards it said installation successfull and rebooted, Pi stopped doing anything at this point. The config.txt file wasn’t on the partition anymore

To be honest I would try another SD card as that might be a source of your issues

I thought the same, will buy another one later today. How much space does OSMC use in it’s full glory?

Depends on your add-ons and also how much media you scrape (data and thumbs will be on the card). General recommendation is an 8G quality Samsung or SanDisk card