PI 2 freezed after the latest update availabe (2017.05-2)

Hi guys,

yesterday night I did an update and the morning after I found OSMC completely freezed, I had to unplugged everything manually.

If there is any issue I would need your help, looking across the log I haven’t find any hints yet.

My specs:

Device: Rasp Pi 2,
Installation media: SDcard, USB Hard Drive
Connection: Wired/Wireless with dongle
Power specs: Raspberry Pi Power Supply 2.5A by OSMC
Storage: Seagate 5T USB hard-drive
Peripherals: USB Hard Disk, Bluetooth Logitech Keyboard K400r with bluetooth dongle
OSMC version: VERSION_ID=“2017.06-2”

The log:

Thanks in advance

Nothing obvious from a quick check. If it happens again, check:

  • Add-ons
  • Try removing all peripherals and re-adding one at a time.

I noticed that the logs were being heavily spammed with messages that probably relate to the wireless dongle. The issue might not have caused the freeze but that amount of messages is not normal.

Indeed, I noticed that too.

I wonder if OP is connected to an ad-hoc network?

Hi All, thanks for the support.

Recently I use OSMC connected only with the dongle, I have a Comcast wifi router and the connection is simple managed through DHCP.

I don’t now if there is a relationship but yesterday Transmissions was enabled, I mean: “OnAction_p2p”

I see Transmission was installed back in August 2015, so do you mean that this is the first time you’ve enabled it in systemd?

No, I don’t. I use transmission regularly, not often, in that case yesterday after the upgrading I started transmissions, when I woke up to close transmission and turning off OSMC, I found everything freezed.

A user had a similar issue with Transmission freezing Vero 4K. Never got to the bottom of the issue but it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a bug there. Maybe it’s time for a version bump in App Store