Pi 2 vs pi 3 worth upgrade?

ey all
ive overclocked my RPI 2 to 1ghz but
im thinking of buying the RPI 3 and replace my RPI 2 (running OSMC)
will it be worth the upgrade? faster in the menues and such?
i was planning to just wait to there will come an RPI 4 out as i though that RPI 3 was not that more powerfull

if you have upgraded from rpi 2 to rpi 3, was it worth the upgrade?

Yes. On all accounts.

I’ve just (2 days ago) upgraded from Pi 2 to Pi 3 (same OSMC SD card image).

It’s noticeably faster, but not a huge difference. The difference between Pi 1 and Pi 2 is much more noticeable.

Still glad I upgraded though.

I have both of them. If you plan to just run kodi then no it does not worth it.
If you plan to run sickrage, torrent downloader and more things than just kodi then yes.

Kodi can also use torrent. I don’t understand what you mean by ‘’ If you plan to run sickrage, torrent downloader and more things than just kodi then yes’’ ?

Hands down yes. It’s definitely faster. The multi-core processor helps a huge amount. Definitely recommend it. You barely need to overclock the Pi3 to get silky smooth navigation across menus, etc…

The original poster is asking about upgrading from a Pi 2, not a Pi 1. The Pi 2 also has a quad core processor and the same 1GB ram as the Pi 3, so whilst faster the difference is not massive like the jump from a Pi 1 to Pi 2.

The Pi 3 is roughly 50% faster than a Pi 2, while a Pi 2 was anywhere between 2 and 6 times faster than a Pi 1 depending on whether the workload was multi-threaded or not.

Definitely a much more fluid experience with the RPi3 over the RPi2.

I used to use my RPi2 as a portable MC away from home, at friends and whilst traveling. But now my RPi3 has become more like a permanent MC behind one of my TVs as it’s much more responsive.

You can probably sell you’re old RPi2 and it’ll cost less than £10 to upgrade to the newer RPi3.