Pi 3 Kodi 19 boot fail without screen

Hi everybody

I’m a new user of osmc on raspberry since Kodi update to 19. I use Kodi only for listen music on my raspberry pi 3 b+.
So i installed osmc but if there is no screen pluged to pi3, Osmc boot but after osmc logo, the media center doesn’t start. Green led of the raspberry blinks 5 times.

For your informations, i can’t backup to Kodi 18. Because i upgrade my mysql server to 19. I had kodi 19 on Windows computers

Thks for your next help

How do you know that osmc boots but nothing
after the OSMC logo of no screen connected?

You could try this suggestion

hi @fzinken,
thks for your support. I tried your solution to put disable_fw_kms_setup=0 in config.txt but still not work. i also tried this solution in config-user.txt but not work.
If i connect screen to HDMI port.everything is alright: OSMC logo then media center starts
If screen is not connect to HDMI port, The raspberry green led blinks 4 times slow and 1 fast. I have also no connection with SSH

Have you an other idea ?

Had a go at this and the only thing I could get to work for a headless boot was changing




in config.txt. The ramifications of this I would have to leave to someone else but if your just playing audio I don’t think the video driver change should be an issue. Booting headless by default is going to output composite video. If you want to be able to connect a hdmi display without rebooting and get video output then you will need to add the following in as well…


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ok thanks @darwindesign

I just tried with only disable_fw_kms_setup=0 in config-user.txt and config.txt (before, i let hdmi_force_hotplug=1 and disable_fw_kms_setup=0 together) and… tada it works !!!

So the solution of @fzinken is ok

So for people who have the same problem the solution is:

disable_fw_kms_setup=0 in config.txt and config-user.txt in boot folder

thks for your help