Pi 3 wifi region reset / lost every boot - no autoconnect

I’m using a pi 3 with internal wifi, newest official osmc (2018-12), hdmi to tv. Boots up, everything works nicely except wifi. I enabled wifi at the osmc installer, it’s finding some networks, but not mine.
wlan at my home is running on channel 13 - can’t change that atm
I’m pretty sure that’s because of the wifi region code, the standard one seems to block channels above 11. So I connected ethernet, connected via ssh, installed crda and set the region code to DE - where I am. Then I’m able to connect to the network - all good.

Sadly, after every reboot, the region is reset somehow, leaving me without connection again, which is somehow dumb for a media center ;-).
Any ideas why? As far as i know, the region code should stick if it is set once (i did it with “iw reg set DE” which works, i can see the channels above 11 are unblocked after that, connection works).

I’ve tried editing wpa_supplicant.conf and adding “country=DE”, but no-go. Please give me a hint.
If logs are needed, I’ll provide, I just thought since there are no errors, they won’t help much.

You need to set the region in /etc/default/crda.

jeez…gotta read the manpage next time. Not using linux for ten years, seems I forgot some things in the time.

You are my new hero sir - thanks a lot, this seems to work!
I’ll test again and report back.

seems like it works, multiple reboots now ok. Many thanks…simple fix, but i’ve struggled quite some hours with that :wink: