Pi 3 WiFi unstable


I have buy a Pi3 yesterday, and I also have this error.
The wifi is up and down.

Neither Kore (remote controller app) and SSH can’t acces to the Pi. :frowning:

Can you ssh in and run

sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off

and see if that makes it more stable. It disables power management of wireless.

I have the same problem, it just keeps dropping the SSH connection every 2-5 min.

packet_write_wait: Connection to Broken pipe

But I can then walk over and do a simple ping test and confirm that it’s still online, but can’t establish a connection SSH connection still won’t respond.

I have now run the cmd that you suggested and will get back to you with an update.

Seems to work. thx

Just in case, I have added the following two lines to ‘/etc/rc.local’ so it keeps the power off settings after a reboot.

sleep 10
iwconfig wlan0 power off

I’ll sort this out in a future update


Disabling WiFi power management settings did the trick - I can access OSMC anytime and immediately via SSH or SFTP.

Also, added this line: sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off to /etc/rc.local - to keep power management off after reboot.


My OSMC has no iwconfig did you install it?

That’s quite strange. What does dpkg -l | grep wireless gives you?


ii wireless-firmware-osmc 1.1.0 all Wireless firmware (proprietary) for OSMC

It is not installed by default in OSMC. You need to install the wireless-tools package.

Interesting, I can not recall that I installed it (as I only have wired connection) and I have the wireless-tools installed. Maybe installed it before to test something for the forum.

@MarkusLange sudo apt-get install wireless-tools and you are done

Sleepwalker installs :grinning:

confirm - I had to install wireless-tools package to get iwconfig.

Hi Guys, pi 3 wifi even with power management to off seems to not perform ok at all, it’s not possible to watch a descent size mkv from NAS with onboard wifi…

Any way to disable the onboard so we can use a usb wifi dongle??
(just adding a dongle seems to not work, it keeps using the bad onboard wifi)

Thank you so much that hint helped me out

I created /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf and added into it:
blacklist brcmfmac
blacklist brcmutil

saved it and rebooted

After this it accepted my usb dongle and the world is again a better place… :slight_smile:

Should maybe an option inside the OSMC-addons to do that

Yes, that’s not a bad idea.


Thanks, if you put it inside the Installer it can be done from the beginning, but then you need to seperate between RPi 2 and Rpi 3 (but it shouldn’t affect the RPi 2 but maybe with the Original Dongle from the foundation)