Pi 3B+ Problems installing SNMPD

I have 2 Pi 3B’s all running latest OSMC fine and have SNMPD installed

I bought a new Pi 3B+ and attempting to get OSMC running.

I got OSMC running OK, but as soon as i apt-get update, then apt-get install snmpd, and then reboot, i get a kernel oops related to snmpd.

Is it not compatible with the Pi3B+ and OSMC? How can i remove this so the device can boot without having to reinstall again? I cant SSH into the device as it doesn’t get far enough for the ssh server to become available.?

It’s an issue with the Ethernet driver and will likely be resolved in the next OSMC update. SNMPD starts too early before the PHY is properly attached, causing a crash.

Mount the SD card on a Linux system and remove the systemd symlink.


thank you for your super quick reply - i started to rebuild, so i’ll get it up and running again and leave SNMPD out of the install for the time being.