Pi 4 Kodi 19 hyperion with internal grabber

Hi, does anyone know how to get Kodi 19 running on a Pi 4 (or 3B+) with hyperion(.NG) using the INTERNAL grabber - NOT with usb grabber, splitter, converter, …??? (I had working this before but very unpleasant, lot of broken/not working devices for whatever reason).
Thanks for any comment or recommendation or even just confirming, that end-users like me need to be patient and wait until experts have some spare time to develop these things for the new video stack …


This is probably one for @hissingshark to help with


I don’t think you can

I’m not much of an RPi user these days, but I’ve just solved a dependancy issue with their apt supplied version Hyperion issue with Kodi 19 - #2 by hissingshark

Upon testing I found only the framebuffer grabber to be working, I assume because the dispmanx grabber no longer applies.

thank you! I will stay with my RPi 3 and osmc 18.9 and wait. The RPi4 is already long time in a box and can wait a little bit longer. Pi3 and osmc with hyperion are very well working, all good, thanks.

This is exactly what I’m waiting for. Who could have imagined that it would be so much work to get rpi4 to run kodi. Keep it up guys

The Pi 4 (and newer versions of Kodi) use a different video stack, which makes the old grabbing methods unusable.

Sam is right, of course, but you still have options.
In the meantime, I installed on my RPI4 Raspberry OS Lite and Kodi 18.7 (latest available version working for Hyperion.NG) and running since 6 weeks; 1080p movies (including 10-bit HEVC) with 5.1/7.1 passthrough working as well as Hyperion.NG for my LEDs with internal DispmanX grabber; installing all you need on OS Lite is more work than with osmc but I’m also not an expert.

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