PI 4 v19 overclocking FAQ - does it exist?

The Aug update works reasonably well on the Pi 4, but there are a few files that eventually go wonky, almost surely due to the Pi needing a bit more speed.

But I doubt there are videos to benefit from that as either they are Hardware Decoded (then this doesn’t impact or they are using strange codecs than that extra power would help.

Nope. These are large size, large bandwidth, high quality x265 videos that will play just fine for many minutes or longer, but eventually, cause the PI to hiccup, breakup and/or crash. I’m pretty sure it’s due to the PI being slightly underpowered just for these videos. 99% of hevc files play just fine.

HEVC on Pi 4 is fully hardware accelerated – so you won’t benefit from a CPU based overclock. But maybe the HEVC clock could be faster.

Thanks. I just tried overclocking the CPU and it didn’t help. I’ll try overclocking the GPU.