[Pi] CEC TV ON/OFF Standby/Suspend Toogle


in kodi settings -> devices -> CEC
threre is an option to suspend kodi if the tv were turned off. Atm this option is useless, but wouldn’t it be great if it is possible to activate standby/suspend if the TV is turned off and restart the mediacenter if the TV is turned on again?

Maybe in standby/supend-mode the mediacenter stops and all energy consumption services (e.g. wifi, bluetooth) also stops, except one little script which waits for the TV ON CEC Command to restart mediacenter and all other services.

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The Pi hardware does not support a standby/suspend mode, hence this CEC option is non-functional.

Stopping the mediacenter service and wifi/bluetooth would not save any significant amount of power over an already idle system so there is no point in going to all this trouble.

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