Pi-DAC+: good or not?

Dear all,

I recently had serious setbacks with a DAC supposed to be tailored for Raspberry pi that turned out to not work at all with my pi 2, neither with OSMC nor with Openelec.

Well, I got rid of it and would really like to have a correct DAC on my pi, so that all this time spent recording my CD in FLAC would not be lost…

I saw this DAC on a good store reasonnably close to my country: IQaudIO DAC+ | The Pi Hut

The Pi-DAC+ looks like it has a good sound, good integration in Raspberry pi and has the good taste to not use the full GPIO connectors, so that I can use them with other devices.

What about integration with OSMC though? Do any of you use this sound card? Was installation easy?
Is there an overlay available in OSMC, suitable for this card?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!