Pi freeze after HDD pluged

i used to use OSMC with my 2.5" seagate
now when i plug the HDD the whole system freeze
its pi2b
i use samsung charger (5V 2A)

The charger probably isn’t good enough.

Consider a better one: Raspberry Pi Power Supply 2.5A - OSMC


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it work before why now isnt

“Hotplugging” an external HDD being powered by the Pi alone is not really a good idea when you are talking about a device with such a small amount of “excess” power to handle such a comparatively large spike in power demand.

i am not hotplug it
i plug before i power the pi

Are you sure that its actually delivering 5V 2A to the PI ?

90% sure
i will check later

Powersupplies degrade over time.
Try a different one.

Also try the hdd on a powered hub.


I second the powered usb hub. The pi’s only got a maximum 1.2 amps or something on the usb’s… even with 'max_usb_current=1" set in the config. If you have any wireless dongles connected, that eats up a bit as well.

I have a 7-port hub for my externals, with a 5amp supply… spliced to both the hub, and hard-wired to the underside of the pi’s power jack. I didn’t want to have to have 2 power supplies plugged into my box. I have my rpi2, the usb hub, a 120gb Sandisk usb ssd, a 1TB WD Passport Ultra external drive, and a Hauppauge 950Q usb hd tuner… all mounted in a gutted out atx power supply box, all powered with the same supply.

Samsung chargers cannot deliver the advertised voltage at the advertised amperage. That will almost certainly be your problem.

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that work but i bought new charger with 2.5 anyway

Nice that it sorted itself in the end :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter if your supply was 2.5a or 5a… without enabling the max usb current, you’ll only be getting 600mA from the pi’s usb ports… combined.

Not quite. On Pi 2, max USB current makes no difference

ok… I’m lost. Everything I’ve read, is the pi2 had a 600mA output… unless max current is enabled. After which, pi2 has a 1200mA output. There’s a fuse that prevents it from going over that.

It may be Pi 3 actually – but after a certain revision, the setting is made irrelevant.

I just read the pi3 has a 2.5A. I was thinking of getting one, but my shop in town can never keep the damn things in stock. :stuck_out_tongue: I prefer to buy in person if possible… I can return it easier iof needed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I think it is only Pi3

No Sam, that applies to pi3 as @fzinken stated correctly. Please go get some sleep :wink: