Pi freezing when using wifi

hi guys my pi is freezing when i use wifi to connect to osmc using a rpi 2. doesn’t happen when using wired connection works all the time wired no problem. however when using wifi pi freezes up have had this a while now since I upgraded from raspbmc. same wifi dongle works ok on raspbmc and the same dongle works fine on a rpi1 im at a loss as what it might be but very strange am using a rtl 8191su chipset any help please guys here are logs http://paste.osmc.io/zeqirarati

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There’s nothing obvious in your logs to help unfortunately. Are you sure the system is completely freezing ?

Does the GUI become unresponsive to a keyboard AND you can’t ping or SSH into it anymore ?

If so the usual reasons are too high an overclock or lack of power. I see that you’re on the Normal overclock setting so it won’t be that.

What sort of power adaptor do you have ? I see you have an external hard drive connected through a USB hub ? Is that hub self powered (from the Pi) or from it’s own power adaptor ? Does it still freeze if you unplug the hard drive and/or HUB ?

@DBMandrake its unresponsive mate no nothing cant ssh in. keyboard freezes etc also I have a 7 port usb hub for hard drive etc which doesn’t back power the pi. I also have a 5v 8amp power adaptor for using with hyperion and leds