Pi noob needs help setting up Headless Pandora player

Hi all, I’m new here. I have a whole house audio setup in my new house, with AppleTV and airplay set up as the hub. Well, airplay sucks. So I have been looking for a way to get music piped in without having to go down into the basement. I figured a RPi would do it. I’m a Windows techy, but this thing has really got me down. I just need a simple way to turn on the Pi and pick a particular Pandora station (amongst many we have set up) without being near a monitor. I bought a pre-installed OSMC card and Pi boots fine. I can easily Control OSMC from my IPhone when looking at the screen. From there, it gets ugly. I installed tightVNC but can’t get it running in any meaningful way. I need to set it up to load automatically at boot, but all that script creation is daunting to a guy who doesn’t know the basic command-line language.

Am I even on the right track? Is there an easier out of the box solution for what I’m trying to do? anybody know of a “download and run this” kind of solution for me?

Thanks in advance,