Pi won't boot (green light issue)

Hi there,

I’ve been having a problem with my pi since yesterday. I had to fix some stuff I did that made the pi unable to connect to WiFi and therefore I needed to access the command line directly on OSMC. I did the standard procedure (power-exit-then press esc) but as soon as I pressed esc the pi became idle and I couldn’t do anything but unplug the power cable. This happened three times. Since that moment the pi won’t boot and the green light flashes 4 times in a row. What can I do now? Do I need to reinstall OSMC completely? Is there a way to salvage the data and settings I have? Thank you!


If you have access to a linux or Mac, you may be able to mount the ext4 partition and retrieve the .kodi folder.

But does sound like the sd card may have died.

Thanks Tom.

The card might not have died completely, could just be a corrupt boot partition. You might be able to backup the ext4 partition, reformat the sd card and reload it with osmc, then restore your backup