Pi Zero 2 W

Just ordered a new Pi Zero 2 W with plan to use it to replace existing PiZero (that is unable to move to Kodi 19 which is an issue with shared database).
My guess is that I will need to treat it like Pi3 when doing an installation and should therefore be able to run latest Kodi unlike Pi0/1.
The 512MB memory might be the limiting factor.

Has anyone here been lucky enough to try it out already?

Only if they managed to arrange same-day delivery. Looks like it will run a Pi2/3 image.

Raspberry Pi sent me one in March. I understand the delays in getting this to market have been caused by chip shortages.

The August image for Pi2/3 should work (DT change may be needed) as expected. Some additional changes may be needed for WiFi and Bluetooth functionality, which I’ll verify later.



Hi there, before I start to explain my situation, I want to introduce myself as typical noob, who has no idea of programming, knowledge about cpu’s and so on. So I hope you won’t take it for granted, when I don’t understand everything!

So, I actually got myself a Pi zero 2 w, and installed the August image as recommended. It did not run caused by the insufficient deliverance of electricity or at least that’s my guess!

What actually leads to my request. My intention is to run a mediacenter as energy efficient as possible! That’s why I was keen on getting my hands on a Pi Zero 2 w!
Do you guys know if there is any image I can download for this SBC which supports the power output of 900mA and 5V?

The reason why I ask, is bc atm I use a Pi Zero 1 w with a USB 2.0 dongle (It looks exactly like this, but it runs osmc)mounted on and it runs most of the time really well and I don’t want to add an extra power source as long as my TV can deliver it through USB 3.0!
Also I would love to replace the dongle with a 3.0 version, but until now I wasn’t lucky enough to find something on the market.



There are some changes needed to support Pi Zero 2 W in OSMC.
These will be in a near future update.

I’ll add WiFi support later, but the kernel and installer have been updated.

This means that a Pi2/3 image on the staging repository that has been updated should now boot.

The next version of OSMC should support things just fine.


Are we supposed to build the image ourselves from the GitHub repo or is there a nightly img somewhere? As it stands right now I can’t run osmc on the pi zero 2 w as it won’t boot after initial configuration.

Just install on a Pi 2 / 3, update to staging and move it to a Pi Zero 2.