Pi Zero - LIRC not working - help please?

(Following on from here.)

Ok… I’ve soldered the IR reciever to 3.3V power, ground, and GPIO physical pin 12 / GPIO 18, as I had it on my old Pi 1, but am having troubles.

Using a Microsoft MCE remote IR6 type 1039, which also worked on the old Pi, It’s batteries are good and currently works daily on other Pi’s I have in the house using the MCE USB IR receiver, which I’ve tried on the Zero, and had success.

However, it’s not working now on the Zero using LIRC.

In the My OSMC raspberrry pi settings:

  • I did find that this type of remote was disabled in the remotes menu, so have enabled it.
  • I’ve tried setting gpio_in_pull to pull up; pull down; and off, all with no luck (rebooting every time).

Should I mess with W1gpio settings?

(OSMC release April 2016.04-1)

Any help will be awesome…

Thanks, Scott.

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