Pi1 freezes while navigating movies category

Lately I found heavy freeze while I was navigating on movies category on my rpi1, it seems that freezes (a few seconds or even >1m) while loading the thumbnails/art from each movie.

Sometimes (not always) it shows the sad face and reloads osmc.

I’ve no problems playing movies.

I’ve no addons, the rpi1 is a mysql client from a rpi3 osmc, movies are on a usb 3 external hard disk attached to rpi3 and shared by NFS. Only hdmi and ethernet connection (CAT6 cable gigabit connection on the router)

Logs → http://paste.osmc.io/ipeqeziger

I think you’re pushing at the limits of the RPi 1’s capabilities here, specifically its 512 MB memory limit.

From a first reading of the log, what seems to have happened is that the kernel has invoked oom-killer, which is used to kill off some process(es) when the system is out of memory. The biggest memory “hog” on the system is Kodi, so that was zapped. Perhaps not the ideal choice on a Kodi box but it was assigned the greatest number of points, so off with its head.

You’ll need to find a way to rreduce the memory load, so switching off the bling like fanart and thumbnails would be a good first step. Longer term, perhaps upgrade to a box with more memory.

Well, it’s an Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2 256MB. Of course it has low RAM :wink:

I’ll try to disable fanart and thumbnails. Where I can disable those?

You are running out of arm memory:

[  230.182780] JobWorker invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x24200ca, order=0, oom_score_adj=0

A 256M Pi1 is really limited in what is possible.
Using the file interface for browsing (rather than video library interface with all the posters/fanart) may be better.

A lighter skin may be better.
Setting imageres/fanartres very low may help. You wiil need to drop and recreate the current texture cache to start using the new smaller artwork:

Updating to a Pi3 would be the better option though.

Upgrading to Vero 4k would be the best :wink:

You caught me out there! I just lazily assumed that you’d be on a B+. I’m amazed you got this far with it.

Definitely time to invest in some new kit, I think.