Pi1 + osmc vs Hornsby's openvpn addon


I have the pi set up with osmc 17. I have installed Brian Hornsby’s openvpn client.

Following those intstructions:

settings > addons > all addons > openvpn

then: configure > Import OpenVPN Configuration File

the only option I get here is my addon folders. I was really expecting to be able to select the *.opvn file that my vpn provider gave me (and is saved in /home/osmc/vpn-conf/AU_file.opvn )

But I can’t see it… nor do I see a way to navigate to the file.

Anyone else?

(as an aside, my opvn file doesn’t contain any crt files, instead the various key info is in the opvn file, enclosed by

crt … /crt
key … /key
cert … /cert
If anyone can help me find a way to use my VPN, I promise them a beer.

I have no experience of Brian Hornsby’s VPN client but I’m always up for a beer!

If you can use ssh and edit files, I’d refer you to this thread and the TL;DR is at post #28.

Having all the certs, etc in the config file works just fine.

I think I owe you a beer.

two if you can help me make my pi run openvpn on startup. I am interested to keep my life private from my the overbearing australian government.

Already covered in the thread I linked to. Modify /etc/default/openvpn to choose the .conf file you wish to use at startup. (This assumes that Brian Hornsby’s installation uses the standard openvpn distribution from Raspbian.)