Pi2 drops SSH and Yatse while remaining connected to the Internet

After a couple hours of normal functionality, where both SSH and Yatse works perfectly, both will suddenly drop. This has been consistent behavior over the last couple of months.

When this happens, the following are all true:
The Pi2 is still online, it will continue to play both local and YouTube videos. Using a connected keyboard I can also search for other YouTube videos and they play just fine.
The router lists it as connected to the wifi.
Pinging it’s IP returns “host is down”.
Attempting to connect over SSH times out.
Yatse considers it offline.

Have any of you had similar problems? I am using the official raspberry pi Wi-Fi dongle.


Might be power saving that is causing this problem.

sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off may help

Did you recheck IP from MyOSMC in that situation? Have seen cases where due to DHCP conflict the Original IP was not reassigned

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That’s a really good idea!

I checked it now, but the IP remains the same on the raspberry pi. The router also shows the same IP and an age of the connection from when I turned it on this morning.

Good suggestion, I have already tried it :). The router claims a stable connection and the drop of SSH and Yatse sometimes happens while it’s playing a video.

Then I suggest next time it happens to do some more testing.

E.g. Go to the console on the Pi and check the route to your PC.

Also maybe install Nmap on the PC and run against the Pi