Pi2 hangs every now and then

Hi. First, I’d like to thank You Sam and the rest of OSMC Team for Your outstanding job.

I have a problem with my OSMC instance - every couple of days it just hangs and it is impossible to log on to even via SSH. It happens without any wisible reasons - for example today in occured just after I run command sudo apt-get update via ssh. Only way to un-hang is to switch power off and on again. Today I had to reset it couple of times, because it hung on the OSMC initial screen while displaying starting services. My Raspberry is running newset version of OSMC with additional: Owncloud, Moonlight and Retrosmc. My AC adapter is the original one for raspberry pi 2.

Here are my logs: http://paste.osmc.io/furopibohe

I hope that I’ve made myself clear enough and hope it was written in ufficient English. :smiley: Thanks in advance for looking into it.

Had this problem also but then disabled the turbo overclock in osmc settings…hasn’t hanged since

Yeah, forgot to mention: my pi isn’t overclocked, it runs on normal settings.

It looks like you have an xbox 360 wireless receiver plugged in - does it do it if that is not plugged in ?

Have you tried enabling max_usb_current=1 ?

Have you tried a different power adaptor ?

Most hard freezes typically have an underlying hardware cause.

Hi DBMandrake.

I haven’t tried neither unplugging xbox controller nor enabling max_usb_current. I will do that now.
I’ve tried with a different power adaptor, but it’s not helping.


Setting max_usb_current=1 didn’t help, I’ve just had another hang.

Same problem on live-TV.

Not helpful.

Hangs can be caused by many different things, that does not mean they have the same cause.

I see no logs from you, no detailed description of your problem in other forum posts in fact this appears to be your first post to the forum.

If you would like some help in troubleshooting a problem please start your own thread and provide debug logs and a description of your setup, what you are doing when it hangs and so on.

Hello again, Im digging up this thread, because after several weeks of flawless work, my Pi keeps hanging while browsing my music library. Only solution is to disconeect it’s power. Here are the logs: http://paste.osmc.io/lusumekagu

Thanks for Your help.

This looks a little suspicious:

13:44:33  78.449448 T:1958470192   DEBUG: GetArtistsByWhere query: SELECT artistview.* FROM artistview  WHERE (artistview.idArtist IN (SELECT song_artist.idArtist FROM song_artist) OR artistview.idArtist IN (SELECT album_artist.idArtist FROM album_artist)) and artistview.strArtist != '' and artistview.strArtist <> 'Różni wykonawcy'

Does ‘Różni wykonawcy’ mean anything? Not sure if that is corrupt or a foreign name being printed with the wrong encoding. Deleting the music database and rescanning might be the best option.

My Guess is that only Kodi hangs, so I would avoid unplugging power as it can lead to filesystem corruption and you will have worse issues from that.
Try to access OSMC via ssh and do sudo systemctl restart mediacenter instead

Details how to access OSMC via command line locally or via ssh can be found here: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

This is just a name with polish letters, like ó and ż. It has worked flawlessly before.

Yeah, I’ve tried to login via ssh but it’s not possible. I know unplugging can lead to file corruption and I’m avoiding it as much as I can.

So you mean when OSMC is hanging than also a login via ssh is not possible but generally you can login via ssh?

Have you tried with a keyboard connected, and see you have access to the pi then? or else maybe sdcard is at fault…


Yup, no luck with the keyboard on as well. I also think that this may be the end of my sdcard. Tomorrow I will get my samsung pro delivered, so I’ll install OSMC on it.

Ok, let’s wait for that then and update us afterwards

Yes, exactly, generally I can log in via ssh, but it’s impossible when OSMC hangs.

Hi, sorry it took so long to reply. After changing the sdcard to Samsung PRO and over a month of testing i can kindly report that everything runs even better than great, thank You for help and all Your work, guys.