PI2 - Installation stops at Formatting system

Systen : Raspberry Pi 2
My install stops at around 20% telling formatting the system.

I changed the gpu_mem to 32 after getting such advice in google search but made things worse. Now I get blank screen on start of installation.

Please guide.

Try another SD card.


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Going to try copying to sd card using dcfldd instead of dd command.


dcfldd is an enhanced version of GNU dd with features useful for forensics and security.

You can also use the OSMC installer. But dd should be fine.

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Mysteriously the same SD card which refused to boot for installation yesterday, worked like a charm today and the installation completed without any error.

It seems OSMC installer is picky about the SD card which is being used. So the obvious course of action is to get three different SD cards and try them one by one.

My working SD card is class 10.

Thanks for OSMC and Mr. Sam Nazarko in particular.

It’s only picky about the SD card actually working properly :wink:

Most likely the ones that did not work were faulty or fakes.

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