Pi2 SD Into Pi3. How to get CPU to run at default for Pi3/enable overclocking

Just inherited a Pi3 of a friend who is going travelling! Spent quite a bit of time configuring my OSMC install on my Pi2 so thought Id just pass the SD card across, but noticed no real difference in speed (Im using Aeon Nox Silvo mod skin, fully loaded). Checked the system info and Im still running at 1000MHz. Looked in the OSMC overclock setting and the Max ARM Freq is at 1200. Set to this and still at 1000. I read some guy has overclocked to 1.45! How can I tell OSMC that this is a Pi3 without reinstalling?


Set it to Normal and you’ll get 1200

thank for the prompt reply. Just tried that, still only get 1000

Check system info screen it will show 1200 otherwise post full logs with grab-logs -A

My bad, after a reboot now shows 1200 when set to normal. How can I overclock above 1200?

You would need to edit /boot/config.txt manually
But it is not recommended especially if you don’t have super good cooling

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