Pi2b HEVC problem and vanishing HDD and flash drive

Hi! I updated to latest version of OSMC -22.10-1 (fresh install) and find H265/X265 files not playable (buffering etc.) I tried to find workaround to correct this problem with no luck. Other video files work just fine. Is only option to fix this just downgrade back to 19.3-version?
Other curious problem is vanishing HDD, At first auto-mount finds HDD normally but after reboot both HDD and USB flash-drive vanish. HDD has it’s own power supply and worked fine with older version of OSMC. HDD is in NTFS-format and I thought that causes the problem, to check this I formatted USB flah-drive to exFat but OSMC didn’t find flash-drive. I tried to boot rpi with and without HDD but only solution was fresh install but shortly HDD vanished again.
Any help for my problems?

Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/uhuxofopuh

There’s no HW acceleration for HEVC on < Pi 4 with Kodi v19

You could use Kodi v18

How about that HDD problem? Any ideas?

Power supply?

Checked that, current one is 2.4A but tried also with 3A supply, no effect.
At the same time with HDD, flash-drive is also lost (unmounted)

That’s indicates power issue. Suggest to use powered USB hub

But when I try only with flash-drive it is not found. And rpi is powered with original power supply.

and like I wrote, HDD is separately powered

Problem solved, I bought Vero…

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Sort of…

You might be waiting a few days. See International shipping incident - OSMC.