Pi3 April update power monitoring change?

Has there been a change in power monitoring etc for the latest update? I have a Pi3 which has been fine on a PSU until the latest update. Now it’s working but showing a power warning when running. I have a keyboard receiver connected via USB, Bluetooth turned off and just using the Wifi. Essentially everything is as it was prior to the update but the voltage warning is a concern. The power supplies are 2.1A (I know, I have a couple of 2.4A supplies on order) but they were adequate prior to the update. Is it more sensitive to voltage now?

See below entry, and the message is now it is correctly displayed so means your power supply is not strong enough

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Joy lol. Ok, looks like I’ll have to put up with it until I get my new PSUs.

That said, I’m assuming it’s part of the base firmware common to all OSes because it didn’t show undervolt warnings on Raspbian or other OSes.

Yes firmware is shared between all of them. But also different OS have different power usage.

On reviewing a couple of other posts I decided to try a different micro USB cable - one a little better suited to increased current load. No more undervolt warning. Guess the PSU is adequate for the moment (Black web 4A USB charger - 4 port though I don’t know from the info on it whether the full current is available to individual ports or not) but the cable wasn’t up to the task. Guess I’ll have to see until I get the new PSUs.

I will say though that the speed difference with the Pi3 is noticeable over the 2. Loving the hardware.

Yes it is always a combination of a good cable and the right PSU