Pi3 B under voltage following June 2018 update

Hi Folks,

I returned home one afternoon after work to discover my Pi was offline. After a bit of troubleshooting, I isolated the problem to a failed power adapter. The Canakit 5v 2.5a adapter worked flawlessly for nearly two years.

I promptly picked up a replacement adapter from the local Fry’s, this one a Rhino brand 5v 2.5a. I quickly noticed the lighting bolt symbol, and upon closer inspection saw the under volt message posted during the startup and shutdown process.

Believing the adapter to be faulty, I exchanged it for a replacement (same Rhino item). This one also displayed an under voltage problem. So I ordered another Canakit adapter thinking this would solve the issue, but, again, the under voltage indicator was displayed, along with the boot/shutdown message.

Since this only occurred following the June 2018 update, I am suspicious that something changed within the system that is causing more power draw. I have ordered an official Pi adapter (5.1v 2.5a), so I am hoping this fixes the issue.

As a side note, Canakit now includes an advisory sticker on the adapter box stating any under voltage issues are due to an incompatible operating system …

I’d return that PSU if you are able to do so.

If you want one that works, either buy the official OSMC one (it’s designed for OSMC) or the official Pi one.

OSMC’s June 2018 update has support for every Pi.
Our update hasn’t added any increase in PSU demands.

That is a cop out, but I’ll give them credit, it’s a clever one.


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Thanks for the quick reply @sam_nazarko. I agree with your statement regarding a cop out. I have already ordered the official Pi one – I forgot that you offered an official OSMC adapter.


You shouldn’t have any problems with that adapter.


Follow-up - the official raspberry pi adapter bought from the pi hut has resolved the under voltage issue. :blush:

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