Pi3: Fast Forward / Fast Rewind Functions during Video Playback are not working anymore after upgrading to version 2021.12-1

Hello everybody, I’m using osmc media player on my raspberry pi3 several years now. After the last upgrade from 2020.11-1 to 2021.12-1, the fast forward/fast rewind fuctions are not working during video playback.

Could you please advise on the matter?

Thanking you in advance


FW/RW not supported with the current videostack on the Raspberry. Suggest to use skip steps instead.

Thank you fzinken.

Up to version 2020.11-1 the ff/fr functions during video playback were working normally.

Did these changes happened to the last version (following the release of Kodi v19)?

Thank you again

Yes, v19 is using a new videostack that currently is not fully supported on the raspberry platform

oh I see…

So the new videostack will hopefully be fully supported in a future release for the Pi right?

Thank you again fzinken for your immediate feedback!

Hope dies last :wink:

thank you again :slight_smile:

See Kodi v19 Matrix is here. Here's what you need to know - OSMC. While we don’t specifically discuss FF/RW, we do discuss the changes for Raspberry Pi. It’s worth a read.

Thank you Sam.