PI3 OSMC 'Failed to Update' error

Hi guys,

I’ve recently bought RPI3 and installed OSMC successfully. During the first week or two everything worked out just fine, but now when I try to update OSMC via the menu it gives me an ‘OSMC failed to update’ error.

I followed the advice I saw in an other thread where it said to cancel the ‘auto-backup before update feature’,and it did work for a few days, now even when auto-update is turned off I get the same error.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


I’m just updating in case anyone else ever encounters the same error.
I finally figured out something went horribly wrong when I also encountered an installation error or an other package through the OSMC App Store.

Everything was caused by Crontab - Once I uninstalled the service, everything returned to normal again.