PI3 + OSMC - Windows Network Access + Downloads

I’m a Pi noob. Got my unit up and running with OSMC, RetroPi, Raspian and RasPlex. The Pi is wired to my network and I’m unable to access it via my windows network for some reason. When I had it connected via WiFi on my friend’s home network it was right there.

The reason I’m trying to connect is because after setting up download directories in Kodi and trying several times to download a file (which says “completed” each time). The files are nowhere to be found. Not on my network drive where I asked them to download. So I want to see if they downloaded to the SD card. Can’t locate them via OSMC menus but thought I can search the entire Pi via the network. Can anyone help?

I assume you have the Samba Server installed from the App Store and are trying to access via SMB?
How are you trying to access it? Are you trying to browse it from Explorer? Browsing in SMB has been disabled for security reasons you would need to enter \IP of OSMC\ directly.

Did you try File Manager under settings?

Thank you. This helped. I did not have SMB installed. I can access now via the IP address. Is my not having SMB enabled also the reason files downloaded via Kodi seem to complete but don’t save? I had the save location as a network drive (which I was able to see/select in Kodi before installing SMB).