Pi3b, OSMC + Bluetooth keyboard - just me?

I have a wee Bluetooth keyboard (rii mini i8) which will cause the audio to glitch when a video is playing and it disconnects itself due to inactivity.

Is this common for all Bluetooth keyboards?
Is it only because of the Bluetooth audio integration on the pi?

I’ve tried uninstalling bluezalsa and such to see if that has any impact but I’m pretty sure it would fubar an osmc install to actually do that so I’ve never been brave enough to hit “Y”.

So any alsa type changes or anything I have been brave enough to try haven’t had any impact.

I’m pretty sure others would have mentioned this on the forums before now if this was a common issue with Bluetooth.

So I’m curious if it always did that on the 3B? Does it happen for anyone else, or is it just an issue because it’s an old pi with an old bt keyboard?

Haven’t heard of such an issue.

Is the Pi 3 B getting enough power? What peripherals do you have attached?

Is audio going out to HDMI or are you using Bluetooth there as well?

I recently went on a spree checking power supplies as it seemed to give under voltage warning with a lot of my “good” chargers.

However with a now confirmed good 2.4A/5v usb or a fast charge capable and good usb cable it will drop audio.
No other peripherals, connected over WiFi or wired and connected via hdmi to a home theatre.

I’m thinking it’s probably the home theatre part, I do have a spare TV with hdmi in so I’ll maybe hook that up and see if nothing with any kind of smart audio features in the chain will make a difference.

When it drops the logs always show the audio sink so I’m thinking between the pi, home theatre and the TV it detects the change in Bluetooth status with respect to sound?

It’s not a huge deal, generally the Bluetooth is only used as a keyboard or to get it on WiFi then I can just use my phone.
But it’s something that has bugged me for a while.