Pi4 - HDMI0 video output w/ HDMI1 audio passthrough

In anticipation for the next release of OSMC with Pi4 support I was hoping to find out the possibility of splitting video and audio passthrough on both HDMI ports on the pi4. I have an older AV Receiver that doesn’t support ARC/eARC and only 1080p output. I’d like to use HDMI0 direct to my TV for 4K video support, then HDMI1 to my AV Receiver for passthrough audio.

It looks like there has been some discussion on this unique setup at the following, however it sounds like it may require some modifications in KODI source code before compiled.


Any possibility this could be supported with OSMC for the pi4?

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It’s theoretically possible but would require significant changes to do this.

I think by the time this works well people will have upgraded their AV equipment…

Thanks for responding so quickly Sam. I can only hope I could get the wife onboard with AV Receiver upgrade, but it’s probably more likely after the kids are a bit older. WHEW, kids are expensive pets :wink:

I was hoping you could help me understand the significant changes required to do this. I was able to find this post that indicates support was added to use both HDMI ports on the pi4 for another distro.


I spent the last hour+ looking through commits on github around the July 25, 2020 timeframe to see if I could possibly help find another solution that was more easily implemented. I’m just ignorant to the coding process and nothing stood out to me.

Thanks for your time and everything you’ve done for the community!

We’ll see. Let’s get a release out first.

Thanks for the latest release and including the ability to use HDMI1 for audio output on the pi4!