Pi4 images not working

I’ve just attempted to use the prebuilt Pi4 images (the latest 2) for a Pi4, and both failed the initial boot with “could not mount root filesystem” (or something similar) with the OSMC logo on a blue background. SDCard is fine, with plenty of space -32GB. So I installed the LibreElec image and it booted fine immediately. I’m staying with that for now, but thought I’d just leave this here in case others find the same issue.

Thanks for the report.

Haven’t had reports of that here. Have you tried another SD card?

Did you use the official OSMC installer?
What’s the make and model of the SD card?

Hi, Samsung 32GB class A2 SDCard. Working fine with other images, no errors on the card. I did also try another 8GB card, exactly the same error. I used the Raspberry pi imager to burn the image to the SDCard. I used the same software to burn the LibreElec image to the same SDCard, and it booted up ok.

Have you tried using the OSMC installer?

I had a similar problem when I created the SD image on my linux OS. Reason was a small version gap of ext4 tooling between my Linux environment and the current raspbian OS of OSMC. I could resolve that by setting a flag within the ext4 filesystem.

But in my case I didn’t use any standard installer - I used the standard ext4 formatting utility. But maybe the installer internally uses the same standard tools and thus might suffer under the same issue?

Regards, Michael

Yes, I just tried the other card with the OSMC installer and it booted ok. So it must write the image to the SD Card in a different way to the Raspberry Pi installer I guess? I didn’t go through the installation process, as I’m keeping the other one now, but this resolved the issue. Might be worth updating the instructions to not use the RPi installer! :slight_smile: Thanks.

Just tested with the RPI installer here and it went OK.

It doesn’t matter what ext4 utility version you have on your computer.

The installer doesn’t create or format any partitions, it simply writes the existing one at a block level to the installation medium. That partition is a FAT32 partition and isn’t ext based.

You don’t need to write any filesystem or flags. They will be overridden anyway when the image is written to the SD / USB.

Well, not sure what to say then. It didn’t work here. Maybe difference in EEPROM version or something. But it certainly didn’t work for me.

Tested RBP IMGR on rbp3 here. Used a Raspberry Pi Imager (latest flatpac), chose the pi3, chose media os ->osmc , my sdcard. no issues what so ever.

ps. was a long time i saw osmc skin on a pi3

Thanks for confirming.