Picture "crashing" loading directory with 1500 images


Tested on a clean install of the latest download updated to Kodi 16 running a RPI2, wireless with a RC6 remote.

After upgrading to Kodi 16 I can no longer view a directory of approx. 1,500 photos. Kodi crashes if the files are local on the SD card or remote on a SMB share. This worked without issue on Kodi 15.2. The onscreen memory decreases as each file is read though it never reaches 0. If I’m ssh’ed I can’t launch any new processes. In general something crashes and the OS recovers though not every time.

I uploaded the logs via MyOSMC. I received this link http://paste.osmc.io/afosicavec (nothing appears when I enter as URL in browser).





Hillarious. Thanks for sharing.
laughed my ass of…