Picture noice that slightly flickers since june update

Dear Support

I sometimes get picture noice that even flickers a little when watching 1080p x265 content. I have it since the june update. It comes and goes. Hard to get a fix on it. But i watched a tv episode this morning with the logs enabled when it happend again. I hope you can find the cause and fix it.

I have other weird issues with sometimes hdr flickering when playing 4k. But it is the same with this case it comes and goes. My topic regarding playing trueHD sound that sometimes stops playing is still ongoing. I hope to be able to catch that problem with the logs enabled very soon.

The picture noice started arround 08:33 hours today on Wednesday 28-06-2023 and disapeard a few minutes later.

logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/wodigeruvo

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Try a different HDMI cable and/or clean the HDMI plugs and sockets with contact cleaner.

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This did not solve the problem. I narrowed it down to 4k hdr problem. However 1080p hdr is working fine.

I also noticed that the storage on my vero was full. So i did a factory reset and now about 11GB is free on storage. Tried again but 4k hdr is still flickering sometimes. But 1080p is now fine also 1080p hdr is fine.