Pictures - option add pictures is missing


option to add/map pictures from network drive or shared disk is missing. or can i find it in some another settings?

If you’re using the OSMC skin, then the Pictures doesn’t show “Files” as do the Videos and Music, but, if you select the Pictures you get to a menu to Add Pictures.
Select this, and you get to the browse/add/remove with a chance to enter things. If the Browse is dimmed, move left so it is selected, hit enter …

Hope that’s clear enough (I found it a bit fiddly)

nope, when i select the Pictures, there are just Picture Add-ons…

As I said, its a bit fiddly.
Looks as if the Picture Add-ons is highlighted in your screenshot, which isn’t where you want to be. Move to the left, so Pictures is highlighted and then do whatever passes for ‘enter’ on that, and you’ll get to the next stage.
If that isn’t possible, then something might be amiss.
I would then go and select the Confluence skin, and try from that.

yup, i found it… it is little strange, it could be on the right menu… or when i add some network location with pictures, it should be under the picture addons on the right side… thanks for help men :smile: