PiDrive Four Way Cable Set Availability

PiDrive Four Way Cable Set made up with micro USB power in (female), USB A (male), WD HDD connector and micro USB power out (male)

Is there a source for this cable set in Europe?
With the fading of the WDLabs Pi project, most products are now out of stock,
but a standard 2.5" WD HDD (or Toshiba, Seagate) has the same drive connector. Its useful in a setup with Raspberry Pi plus Single 2.5" HDD in a PI case (from the OSMC shop) avoiding the use of an external powered USB hub.


It’s a USB Y cable – so it’s not proprietary.

I would imagine that you could pick one up on Amazon or eBay

Thank you for the swift reply.

However a “Y” cable does not do the same job, a single power input for both the Pi and HDD plus thee data interface between the two.

Here is a photo of the setup. Cables to the left normally sit inside the case.

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You can get them here:

I just ordered the one with the 3Amp power supply.

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Thanks BanditRider, will give it a try while stocks are still available. Previously could only find the US outlet with stocks.