Pimatic-echo on OSMC crashes PS4


I am pretty aware that this might sound stupid and absurd, but running pimatic (a platform for home automation) with the plugin pimatic-echo as a daemon on a RPi2 or RPi3 makes my PS4 crash when I start a game. More details can be found in the pimatic forum.

The error was reproducable with 2 PS4, a RPi2 and a RPi3, both running OSMC. Shutting down the plugin “pimatic-echo”, a bridge to amazons’ echo service, solved the problem. However, everything works as expected if you choose raspbian instead of OSMC on the RPis.

According to my understanding, OSMC is based on raspbian so I wonder, what difference exists between OSMC and raspbian that could be the reason for those crashes of my PS4…

Any ideas are highly appreciated!

OSMC is based on Debian, not Raspbian.

I would suggest that the first thing to do is to determine if it is OSMC or Kodi which is causing the problem.

Try stopping Kodi with sudo systemctl stop mediacenter then start Pimatic-echo and test if it still crashes your PS4.

If it still crashes then the issue lies with how Pimatic-echo interacts with OSMC, if it doesn’t then the issue is with how it interacts with Kodi and you will need to raise that with the Kodi devs.

If the problem lies with how it interacts with OSMC then please post a full set of system logs and pimatic logs.

Thanks for your reply. Just now I encountered the error on raspbian as well, so it is not OSMC’s fault. Sorry for the confusion and any inconveniences.

That at least rules out Kodi.

I suspect you’ll probably need to run some packet sniffing software and see exactly what is being sent and received by the Pi when pimatic-echo is running and when the issue with your PS4 occurs.

I would suggest that this is probably best resolved in conjunction with the pimatic-echo developer as only they will know what it should and shouldn’t be sending and receiving.