PIN or Password protect Vero 4k


Please advise me:

a) Can you PIN or Password protect the Vero 4K when starting it up and if yes, how do you do that?

b) If not, can this feature be implemented in a future upgrade?


You could use the Kodi profile’s option to set a password; and it’s also possible to pin protect specific directories I believe.

There’s not much point adding PIN protection at an earlier stage of boot, because if a user has physical access to the device, this is not much of a protection.

Some explanation about your use case might allow us to advise a little better.

Hi Sam

I just wondered as for example, with a Sky HD or Sky Q box these have PIN protection. It is very useful if you have kids in the house so they do not access potentially unsuitable material if they turn on the Vero 4k box.

What do you recommend?


You can either:

I installed two profiles.
Both with different sources.
One is called Adults, other one is called Kids.
My adults profile is password protected.
On the NAS the kids sources only have read permissions te prevent accidental deletion of files.
Saves me from having Disney media in my media as well. (and vice versa)
Works a treat!

Hi sam, I know the topic is kinda aged, but maybe you can help.

I enabled the master lock password and protected some folders, it worked like a charm. However, once I enter the passoword/pin, the folder is “open”.

Do you know for how long kodi “remembers” that the password was entered? Or, even more interesting, is there a way to tell kodi after how many hours/minutes it will ask for a password again, after having entered the correct passwort once?

Many thanks


The lock is inactive until you log out of that user. You could install a screen saver that would automatically logout for you. I don’t know which have this ability, but I know the option is in the digital clock screensaver.