PINE64 Hardware

I have OSMC installed on a first gen Raspberry Pi B+ with 512 K and have enjoy it. I just got notice that my PINE64 2gb system has been shipped. This is like the Raspberry Pi but uses a different chip and has a builtin GPU that make 4k video greate. See I would love to run OSMC on this. Do you know of anyone working on a port to this hardware platform. I thought since there is a appleTV that there might be others that are working on the similar machines

Allwinner SOC…

Won’t ever happen.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this is true. I don’t believe the Mali 400 in this configuration and the AllWinner VPU can handle 4K resolutions. The Mali 400 can probably just about manage a 4K2K framebuffer.

I’ve not seen a 4K demo, even with CedarX, which no one wants to touch with a 10 ft barge pole. It’s all dandy for them to say it does 4K, but there’s no real software out there to prove that. It’s like having a car that does 0-60 in 2.5 and tops out at 300mph, but runs on a fuel that you can’t find anywhere. You can’t disprove their claims, but they can’t really prove it either.

Really well marketed campaign though but the Raspberry Pi 3 is a better device than the Pine 64 though. Performance, software support, community and compatibility with third party peripherals are just better.


@darrenwilliamballs im sorry to say that you got sold on a hype, i know the kickstarter guys had the best intentions with their campaign but the chinese wont release the specs for the SoC just google Allwinner and you will see their track record its not good…

so said too say nothing good will come of that soc still it is a valuable lesson to learn now you will be more careful of what arm devices you’ll buy in the future.