Pixelation after playing and low playing quality

Image gets pixelated after playing video, Vero is directly connected to the TV Samsung GU75TU6979U, image quality is overal not that good, but after playing a video (4K), and returnig to the UI (HD),

everything is “pixelated” like there are only a “few” colors or something, see attached images, log also attached,
also playing videos, seems very dark, (darker as normal TV or netflix/viaplay app).

(images made with iphone), photo of screen)

Before starting the video:

Returned from playing the video:

Log: https://paste.osmc.tv/beputotaru


What model of Samsung TV do you have?
There’s some interesting issues with parsing VESA data on your TV.

If you set the GUI to 4K temporarily (not advised long term) and disable Adjust Refresh Rate, does the problem still occur after playing back a file?



Man that would be frustrating, but kind of cool at the same time.
It’s like a pixel art generator.
Is it only on the posters or does the fanart do the same thing as well?

have to take a look for that, the posters was what we see first, so did not look further at that moment.

Could this be caused by the TV ?
(its at a friend’s place of my, he bought a cheapass samsung 75" for his “theater” room)

It’s a “Samsung GU75TU6979U”
Will try setting the GUI to 4k.