Planned h.265 1080p Support?


Have read a few threads about h.265 support. My Pi3 plays h.265 files perfectly, but ONLY if they are 720p. Many of my shows are starting to publish only 1080p h.265 files. Is there a plan for getting better decoding that would support this in pi3 or is that something that is planned for Pi4 since it has beefier hardware and can possibly support that decoding in hardware? Thanks for any comments or thoughts you can offer here.


Overclocking the Pi may allow you to play HEVC 1080p material.


Thanks. Will give that a shot. Worried about overheating though. How much overclock is safe to try before i have to worry about overheating?


get a rpi4 once hardware decoding is complete and osmc supports it that should give you what you want with lower versions of rpi is always a best effort support since the hardware is limted.


If you are worried about heat, you could consider a flirc heat sink case, they are way better than these small heat sinks some people put on the SOC.

Overclocking is very specific for each board, some can handle a lot of overclocking and other not so much.


As long as you don’t use a force_turbo the Pi will down clock if it gets too hot so that should not be too much of a concern. I would second the recommendation of the flirc case as that should help with the extra load.


Another option is to get a Vero 4k. I didn’t feel like waiting for a pi 4 version of OSMC so I bought a Vero. I bought a 2 GB pi 4 at launch and along with a case I ended up paying about 90 bucks with shipping. The Vero was around 107 EUROS ( but I can’t remember what it ended up being in USD) with free shipping to the states and I’d say it’s worth the extra money.
And of course you also get a box that gets consistent updates which means when a new pi is released next year I won’t “need” to buy it.