Planning to purchase the USB powered hub


What I’m wondering is the 4 Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub - OSMC also compatible with the ps4 (first gen) as all its usb ports have been used with the PSVR and an external HDD for extra installation space for games so I need to get it a powered usb3 hub.
As I plan to purchase the vero 4k and x2 of the mentioned product if it is compatible with the ps4 and its also for the vero 4k as well

Many Thanks


No reason why it shouldn’t work. It’s a USB powered hub like any other except it has switches for each socket outlet for some reason.

I simply wanted to know before I ordered 2 of them as one is going to the vero 4k (which is going to be ordered as well) and the other one for my ps4 and I wanted confirmation from someone who has done this as well and confirms it works with the console with out issue that they are aware of.

It should work.

Hi thought I let you know that I have ordered the vero 4k and 2 of the usb hubs.
I’m getting these items as its a birthday gift for me which is from my family which is late next month :wink: