Play any movie will sometimes freeze my Vero

After x amount of time since last playing any movie (I keep my Vero4k always on) the next movie will not play. It shows the play icon and in some cases I even hear sound, but the screen remains at the menu. I can navigate the menu, scroll through a list, but any action, such as stop or pause, will freeze my Vero. A reboot is all that’s left.

This happens so often that I’ve started rebooting my Vero just in case before watching anything.

I’m running version 2018.12-1 and I uploaded my log. Apologies for the lengthy log, as it took a few chances before i could reproduce the error.

Help is much appreciated.


Does the issue occur with local playback?

Thanks Tom.

Is the NFS share on a NAS?
Is the connection stable?


Hi Sam, thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, the NFS share is on my NAS. I am connected with a wire, so I’m assuming the connection is stable.

Hi Tom, I’m not sure. The issue is difficult to reproduce, so I haven’t tried attaching a disk yet. Maybe it’s helpful to know that it not only happens with the movies on my NFS share, but also when I’m playing YouTube movies through the YouTube add-on.

Suggest to check network throughput with iperf

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I’ll give iperf3 test a go this evening when I’m back from work. Thanks!

Unfortunately iPerf is not available for my Synology, which has a Freescale CPU. I couldn’t even find it in any of the Synology repos. :frowning:

That’s surprising. What’s the model #?

A DS413. It has a dual-core Freescale QorIQ CPU.

As a first step just run it against your PC instead of the NAS