Play button location changed

Hi all, happy holiday and such.

Got a trivial, but niggling issue since the major update a few months ago.
The location of the play button for movies/shows etc has changed position.

Prior to the update, the widgetswould show the list of movies the smart playlist contained, then selecting the movie (set up to ‘show information’), the buttons down the bottom (ie play, cast, director, refresh etc) would have the play button on the far left and selected automatically.

Since the update, all settings the same, now has the details/plot button on the far left and selected, and the play button further along.

See the attached photo for an example. The arrow showing where the play button used to be.

How do I get it back there? Is there something stupidly obvious I’m missing??


You should address this with the developer of the skin you use.

I"m using the standard OSMC skin. I honestly thought I was?
(I don’t mean that as passive aggressive as it sounds either, sorry)


Is this using Kodi’s Library Mode?

One for @Chillbo

It is not. I’ve got (what I think) are smart playlists set up.
However, I’ve just set a menu item using the library mode, and same thing.

Surely I can’t be the only one to notice this, in which case, it’s likely something stupid I’ve done without realising.

Would a log help? There’s really no ‘error’ to replicate, which is why I haven’t provided one yet.


We’ve indeed changed the position of the buttons following this logic: The main purpose of the info dialog is to get detailed information on a library title, not primarily to play the title. Therefore it makes more sense to focus buttons to show more information and require a few button presses to play the title instead. If playing back a title asap is the goal, a direct OK button press when focusing the title in library view can be used.


Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the response! At least I know I’m not going crazy…


I think maybe we can do better since Kodi does have the option to bring up the information window as a default selection action. You can map the play button to the play action in the fullscreenplayback window can’t you? This way it would still be the same number of button presses as before, just with play instead of select. Failing that one could keymap the same thing with a sendclick() action if they wanted to go through the effort of figuring out the number that goes in the parentheses.

I’ve moaned about this in relation to live TV. I used to be able to just hit OK twice from the EPG to start a channel. Now I have to stretch my thumb down to the play button. It’s all right for millennials etc who use their thumbs for texting but not us boomers :slight_smile:

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settings>PVR>guide>default select action>smart select

I’m not a boomer, but I am lazy enough that I went through the effort of figuring this out so I didn’t have to press so many buttons to delete recordings…

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Not sure I want smart select as it presumably sets a record timer if the focus happens to be on a show in the future. Set it to play the channel.

I’m not sure if there is some difference depending on which backend and PVR add-on being used, but on mine that option makes it such that if you click on a currently airing program it just starts playing and if you click on a future program it brings up a menu asking if you want to record or play the channel. Setting it to always just play that channel is obviously a completely valid choice as well, but if you want to record something your back to having to navigate that great distance over to the menu button. :grin:

OK, I admit I didn’t try it. But I’m happy where I am. Pressing Info gives you the same options as the default OK press and that includes the timer option which I have used occasionally to alert me to switch to the programme I’d rather be watching.