Play DVD iso files no picture

I’m trying to play an iso via smb from my nas on the vero 4k. The iso opens, but without picture. Only get a yellow square and some green garbled stuff. Sound seems to work. Doesn’t this work?

A log might help.

Wait for the next update

See log:

Just updated, problem still exists.

Your log doesn’t show anything (it’s empty).

Try playing without amcodec. There’s a known issue with some DVDs, particularly ones that use still frame menus. This seems to affect other platforms (like Win) too

How come my log is empty? I’ve enabled debug logging, restarted, went to DVD, played it, then click Upload Log in My OSMC.

How do I disable amcodec?
Sorry for the noob questions… Thanks for the quick response.

Maybe you didn’t type it correctly, or you are behind a proxy.

Settings -> Playback -> Video Acceleration

Just sent you the log files.

I must be crazy but I can’t find Playback under Settings?