"Play from here" not available on last file in a folder

Is there a reason “Play from here” is not an option on the last file within a folder?

I always use “Play from here” as “Play” doesn’t seem to work (same behavior on a Shield - so I assume it’s a Kodi thing), but for the last file, I have to start the file before it and skip ahead.

Not a new issue, it’s always (as far as I’ve ever known anyway) been like this.

Logs are here: Log

Which skin and Kodi version are you using?

When you select play it plays the currently highlighted item. When you select play from here it makes a playlist containing the currently highlighted item and all items that are listed after that item. If you are at the last item in a list it wouldn’t make any sense to have a play from here as it would perform the same function as play. If the regular play doesn’t work then perhaps you have selected something non-default for the default select action or have your remote configured a bit wrong. I’d suggest to provide some logs wherein you have rebooted twice, enabled debug logging, then attempted to play an item with the play and/or OK/enter/select button of your remote, and then immediately afterwards upload logs (this would make it easier to find where you had tried to play normally).

You are correct, I did have something other than Play for the default “Select” option. I have Show Information chosen. When I just try to select the file it pops up a window saying no information could be found (for titles that aren’t using nfo). That makes sense.

I would not expect specifically selecting “Play” would act the same. And it does not.

With more testing, specifically selecting “Play” is inconsistent. It does seem to actually work about 30% of the time. The other 70% it does nothing, as if no button was pressed. It’s consistent for each file. So, it will either 100% work or 100% not work for each file, but only seems to work for 30% of files.

If I set the select behavior to Choose and then select Play from that it appears to work. That is a little surprising as I’d expect the “Play” to function the same from both menus.


Play from the information screen plays the file.
Play from the Choose menu plays the file.
Play from Here from the context menu plays the file (and then subsequent files).
Play from the context menu usually does nothing, but sometimes plays the file.

I’ll have to get some logs here in a bit.

Logs are added to the first post.

I twice selected files which failed when I chose Play, and then chose a file that did play.

The thing that seems to be different with what isn’t playing is…

debug <general>: CAddonDatabase: SELECT repo.id FROM repo .. took 0 ms
debug <general>: CAddonDatabase: query  SELECT addons.*, repo.addonID AS repoID FROM addons JOIN addonlinkrepo ON addons.id=addonlinkrepo.idAddon JOIN repo ON repo.id=addonlinkrepo.idRepo WHERE addonlinkrepo.idRepo IN (1) ORDER BY repo.addonID, addons.addonID returned 760 rows in 23 ms
debug <general>: CAddonDatabase::GetAddons took 143 ms
debug <general>: ADDONS: repository.xbmc.org - 760 addon(s) loaded

I’m not exactly sure what that means. My best guess is that there is an add-on you have installed that is trying to do something when you pull up the context menu, or at least when you are telling it to play from that location, and something goes wrong with that. I’m really not sure though. I tried to reproduce this behavior and couldn’t find a fault. I’m not sure what to suggest for next steps.

That’s weird. I don’t believe I’ve installed any additional add-ons at this point. Only what is pre-installed on the device.