Play medias over internet on Android

Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance for your time and my apologies for my grammar I am not native.

I installed OSMC on my RaspberryPI and it works like a charm.
I am able to play seriers and movies and I linked them to TVDB etc.

But this week-end I bought an application to play my media when I am not at home with my smartphone.
The application is : Yatse™ Best Original Kodi Remote for Android

So I opened 8080 and 9777 ports.

The issue is that I am getting error 403 when trying to acess to a file.
I am able to navigate to the kodi interface : my_public_ip:8080
I can see my whole library but I can’t play them.

If I try to download I will have 403 error blablabla.
And if I try to play them the player will launch and load forever.

Strange thing : it only happens while using my 4G.
This morning I was able to test with another wifi than mine.
I was able to download file from the web interface ! (Stream still load forever).

So I tried something :

I used a SSH client with my smartphone.
Did a port forward like : localhost:8080 & localhost:9777
Opened Yatse application and connect to my Kodi with localhost:8080

This way I am able to download my files and play them on my phone !

I need some help please :slight_smile:

OSMC UPnP/DLNA settings :

Sounds like you should be seeking support from yatse.

Oh, I forget to told you that I did already.

I talked with the support all this morning and they said that it’s not Yatse scope because it a network problem.

PS : I installed kodi on windows, used remote via port 2525.
Connect my phone using 4G and everything’s working

SOLVED : I changed OSMC HTTP remote port to something like 6666 and add username and password.
It works now in 4G.
I am able to cast video to my smartphone and download them to watch offline.

I am not sure if I understood all of it correctly as in between you wrote ssh port forwarding but did you really open all the Kodi ports (Webserver, Event, control, upnp) to the internet unprotected?
That is quite dangerous.

Nos yes I do not use port forwarding with SSH but from my box.

Why is that dangerous ?
Everyone do the same when hosting a webserver or a Minecraft server am I right ?

DLNA 9777 for event and 6666 for HTTP are open

The “servers” that are provided by Kodi are designed to be exposed to the LAN and not the Internet. They are not as hardened as servers that are designed for Internet exposure.